Nacho Cerda’s Trilogy of Death

Nacho Cerda’s Trilogy of Death / Spain, 1992
Dir: Nacho Cerda



Nacho Cerda’s presents in HÕFF his famous collection of short films Death of Trilogy. The first film, Awakening (1990) is about a boy for whom time stops upon falling asleep in a classroom, only later realising that he had actually died and was experiencing an out-of-body phenomena. The sequel, Aftermath (1994) runs at a significantly longer time of 32 minutes, which depicts defilement, mutilation, and necrophilia. The 35 minute finale, Genesis (1998), shows the life of a sculptor whose artwork comes to life while he turns to stone, his work gradually consuming him. The trilogy represents the three stages of life, and in each instance, Cerdà shows how vulnerable we are to the whims of elements beyond our control; time, others, and material possessions respectively.


Length 1h 15'
Language Spanish
Subtitles ENG
Cast Alex Alvares, Pep Tosar
Script Nacho Cerda
Production Waken Production
Awards and festivals Sitges, Fantasia Film Fest
Programme Extreme Horror

Fri, 24.04.

22:15 - Big Hall