Film guests

   Nacho Cerdà presents in HOFF his famous short films collection Death of Tril- ogy. The
   first film, “Awakening”, created in 1990 and tells of a boy for whom time stops upon
   falling asleep in a classroom, only later realising that he had ac- tually died and was
   experiencing an out-of-body phenomena. The 1994 sequel, “Aftermath”, runs at a
   significantly longer time of 32 minutes, which depicts defilement, mutilation, and
   necrophilia. The 35 minute finale, “Genesis” (1998), shows the life of a sculptor whose
   artwork comes to life while he turns to stone, his work gradually consuming him. The trilogy represents the three stages of life, and in each instance, Cerdà shows how vulnerable we are to the whims of elements beyond our control; time, others, and material possessions respectively.

   Jakob Philipp
Graf from Germany is a wonderful actor, but also a kung fu and parkour master,
   who coming in HOFF teach you how to defend your- self from nasty-ass zombies.



   Shelagh Rowan-Legg is the short programmer for FrightFest, and a critic for TwitchFilm
   and Vérité. She recently completed her PhD on contemporary Spanish fantastic film. She
   likes sunny afternoons in Madrid and says never no to traveling.


   Joakim Sten began working with cinema prog- ramming in 2003 for the Lund Film
   Society. Since 2009 he has been programmer for the Lund International Fantastic Film
   Festival. He holds a double Master’s degree in Applied Cul- tural Analysis and Creative
   Writing from Lund University. In 2012 he debuted as a dramatist in Stockholm and is
   currently working for the Stoc- kholm City Theater.


   Martinus Klement is an estonian animator, whose works have won multiple awards all
   over the world and whose videos continue to surface on undeniably cool sites. This is
   how Martinius describes himself: “I studied animation and graphics at the Estonian
   Academy of Arts. Have produced short animated movies. I work as a film director and
   character animator at Eesti Joonisfilm.” His short movie “Crackhouse” is the work
   representing Estonia at the international Melies competition.


   Alexii Muftoll is an animator, who lives in the sunny town situated in the southern part
   of Israel, near the coast of the Mediterranean sea. Alexii graduated with a degree from
   the Acedemy of Arts in Jerusalem about a year ago and currently works with 3D,
   special effects   and montage, thus financing his own films that he develops, himself.
   His ongoing projects include two short films.


   Sander Jahilo is the winning author of the HÕFF Jameson’s Scenario
   Contest, whose film “Rauapuudus” (eng.: “Iron Deficiency”) premieres at the
   10th HÕFF. This is how he describes himself: “I am a person who is
   constantly looking for new challenges in terms of self-development. I try to
   improve the world daily by promoting a sustainable economy, during
   moments of rest I observe people and reflect upon the enigmas of life; I write down my best thoughts and sometimes even draw them up.”


   Einar Kuusk is an actor and producer, who recently completed his first post-
   apocalyptic short sci-fi movie named “The Most Beautiful Day”, which has its
   world premiere at the 10th HÕFF. Einar instantly knew what his career
   choice was going to be when, at the age of ten, he got his hands on a video
   camera recorder for VHS cassettes, and saw himself from the side for the
   first time, acting with relatives in homemade videos.